Coin Master Pets: A Complete Overview

Coin Master Pets are a unique feature in the popular mobile game Coin Master. These virtual companions are adorable animals that players can collect and use in their gameplay. Each pet has its own special abilities that can help players progress and win more coins. There are different types of pets, including common, rare, and legendary ones, with each tier offering more powerful skills.

Some Coin Master Pets can increase the number of coins earned from attacks or improve the chances of finding rare cards during raids. Players can level up their pets by feeding them treats, which enhances their abilities even further. With a wide variety of pets to collect and upgrade, Coin Master Pets adds an exciting and strategic element to the game that keeps players engaged and entertained.

Foxy: The Ultimate Coin Master Companion

Foxy, the Ultimate Coin Master Companion, is a must-have for mobile gaming enthusiasts looking to take their gameplay experience to the next level. As one of the initial pets in Coin Master, Foxy offers players unique advantages and opportunities for enhancing raid rewards.

With Foxy by your side, you can expect increased chances of finding hidden treasures and earning more coins during raids. This loyal pet will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset in your quest to become the ultimate Coin Master.

Introduction to Foxy in Coin Master

In the world of Coin Master pets play a crucial role in enhancing players’ gameplay. These virtual companions not only add an element of cuteness but also bring unique abilities and advantages to the table. Among Coin Master Pets, Foxy holds a special place as it is the first pet that players can unlock. With its adorable appearance and undeniable charm, Foxy captures the hearts of players instantly.

However, its value goes beyond mere aesthetics. Foxy’s presence during raids can dramatically improve one’s chances of success by increasing the number of coins and rewards obtained. Therefore, understanding how to utilize Foxy effectively can make a significant difference in one’s overall achievements in Coin Master.

Unlocking Foxy at Level 4

To unlock Foxy in Coin Master, players must strive to reach level 4. Once this milestone is achieved, the egg containing Foxy becomes ready to hatch, marking an exciting turning point in the game.

With Foxy as a companion, players gain access to a whole new dimension of benefits and companionship. Foxy’s inclusion in the game adds an element of excitement and anticipation for players as they progress through their Coin Master journey.

Appearance and Role of Foxy

Upon reaching the pivotal level and tapping the egg, Foxy emerges as a captivating character, ready to embark on the Coin Master journey alongside players. With his endearing features and charming personality, Foxy quickly becomes a loyal companion to rely on.

Especially valuable during raids, Foxy’s presence alters the dynamics of the game, providing an extra boost in the quest for coins. As one of the beloved Coin Master pets, Foxy adds excitement and strategic opportunities to enhance gameplay.

Raid Mechanics in Coin Master

In Coin Master, raid mechanics play a crucial role in the game’s progression. When players enter villages to raid, they are presented with four digging spots to loot coins. At first, only three spots are accessible, but as players unlock Foxy, an adorable pet companion, an additional digging spot becomes available.

This expansion of avenues for collecting coins and treasures enhances the gameplay experience and adds excitement to each raid. The inclusion of Coin Master Pets adds another layer to the game, providing players with companions that can help them on their coin-collecting journey.

Coin Master Pets
Coin Master Pets

Foxy’s Influence on Raid Rewards

Foxy’s influence on raid rewards is undeniable. The amount of extra coins earned and the reward multiplier heavily rely on Foxy’s level. As Foxy levels up, the boost in rewards becomes more significant. Starting at a 16 bounce at level 1, Foxy gradually increases this bonus with each level achieved.

At level 100, Foxy reaches its maximum potential with a 100 bounce, resulting in a substantial increase in raided coins. However, Foxy doesn’t stop there; even at level 400, it continues to push the boundaries by providing an impressive 119 bounce in total raided coins.

Leveling Up Foxy for Maximum Benefits

One of the crucial steps to maximize the benefits obtained during raids is to prioritize leveling up Foxy. Each level attained by Foxy brings forth substantial advantages, amplifying the percentage boost received from raid rewards. It is imperative to strategically invest in Foxy’s progression for long-term success in Coin Master. As one of the Coin Master pets, Foxy plays a vital role in enhancing gameplay and increasing the chances of obtaining valuable rewards.

Tiger: Boosting Coins and Village Attacks

Coin Master Pets play a crucial role in enhancing gameplay, and one such pet is the Tiger. With its unique ability to boost coins during village attacks, the Tiger becomes an invaluable asset for players. When launching an attack on another player’s village, the Tiger ensures that the number of coins obtained from these encounters is significantly increased. This fierce feline helps players amass more wealth and resources, making it a must-have companion in the game.

Unlocking Tiger: A Strategic Move

In order to unlock Tiger as your Coin Master pet, it is essential to strategically surpass the initial levels. While Foxy demands reaching level 4, unlocking Tiger requires a different approach. To hatch Tiger, you must first complete the Beasts card set. This unique requirement adds an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay, as you will need to carefully collect and trade cards in order to unlock this powerful pet.

The Power of Tiger in Attacks

The power of Tiger truly shines when it comes to attacks on other players’ villages. During these offensive maneuvers, Tiger proves to be a valuable ally by boosting the number of coins you receive. The amount of additional coins you get is directly correlated to the number of coins you win during the attack. At level 1, Tiger provides a commendable increase of 60 coins.

However, as you progress and invest in Tiger’s development, the rewards skyrocket. By level 80, the yield peaks at an impressive 300 extra coins. But it doesn’t stop there – at level 300, Tiger reaches its pinnacle potential, granting an astonishing 417 additional coins from every successful attack. Coin Master Pets truly have the power to enhance your gameplay and maximize your rewards.

Coin Master Pets
Coin Master Pets

Upgrade for Ultimate Benefits

Investing in the growth and progression of Tiger in Coin Master proves to be a highly beneficial move. By regularly upgrading Tiger, you significantly increase your chances of earning more coins through attacks. This advantage becomes even more significant as you acquire more attacks compared to raids from spinning the slot machine in the game. Therefore, focusing on enhancing Tiger’s abilities and skills can ultimately lead to greater rewards and success in Coin Master.

Rhino: Village Protection and Defense

In the exciting world of Coin Master, the Rhino plays a vital role in protecting and defending your village. As the third pet to unlock, the Rhino becomes a powerful shield against attacks from other players. When a village’s shields are depleted during an attack, the Rhino steps in to block these assaults, providing an additional layer of protection.

To obtain this formidable companion, players must complete the creature card set just like with the Tiger. With its unique ability to fortify and shield your village, the Rhino becomes an invaluable asset in your quest for dominance in Coin Master.

Unparalleled Guardian of Your Village

The Rhino in Coin Master is an extraordinary guardian for your village, unlike any other shields used in the game. It has a unique ability to protect a certain percentage of your village, making it an unparalleled defender. What sets the Rhino apart is that its level determines the amount of protection it can offer. With each level increase, the Rhino becomes even more powerful and reliable as a shield.

Level-by-Level Protection

Rhino, the powerful protector in Coin Master Pets, starts off with a basic level of security by extending a 10 shield to safeguard your village. However, as you progress and level up, Rhino’s shielding prowess increases significantly. At level 49, Rhino’s defense reaches an impressive 60, offering substantial protection to your village.

As you continue to advance in the game, Rhino’s defense remains steady at 70 from level 120 onwards. With Rhino by your side, your village is well-protected against any threats that may come its way.

Upgrade for Maximum Defense

In Coin Master, the key to ensuring maximum protection for your village lies in consistently upgrading Rhino whenever the opportunity arises. By enhancing Rhino’s level, you reinforce the shield it offers, thereby securing your village from potential assailants.

Upgrading Rhino not only strengthens its defense capabilities but also enhances the overall protection of your village. So make sure to invest your resources wisely and prioritize upgrading Rhino to maximize your village’s defense against any attacks.

Rhino: The Strategic Asset

One of the most valuable assets in Coin Master is the Rhino, a strategic companion that proves its worth when it comes to constructing village items. Often, players find themselves lacking the necessary spins to acquire shields for protecting their village.

This is where the Rhino becomes an invaluable ally. With its presence, players can focus on fortifying and expanding their Coin Master realm without worrying about the safety of their village. The Rhino truly becomes a strategic asset that enhances gameplay and allows players to reach new heights in their quest for dominance.

Rhino: Protecting Villages in the Absence of Shields

The Rhino is a formidable protector for villages in Coin Master. Even when shields are unavailable, players can rely on this powerful animal to defend their village. By collecting all the creature cards, players can unlock the Rhino as a pet, guaranteeing constant protection and defense. With the Rhino by their side, players can rest assured that their villages are safe from attacks even without shields.

Locating and Managing Pets in Coin Master

In Coin Master, players can effortlessly locate and manage their pets. Once they reach the fourth village, the pets are conveniently positioned to the left of the SPIN button. By tapping on a pet, players are taken to the animal area where they can interact and take care of their companions. It is crucial to ensure that these pets are well-fed and kept active for optimal gameplay in Coin Master.

Coin Master Pets
Coin Master Pets

Hatching Eggs and Leveling Up Pets

In Coin Master, hatching eggs and leveling up pets is a simple and easy process. Players only need to select the desired egg from the option on the pet’s menu in order to hatch it. That’s all there is to it! Pet leveling, however, necessitates gathering XP potions, which are located in the lower right corner of the pet’s menu.

Players may improve their powers in the game by leveling up and strengthening their pets automatically with experience points. The pets in Coin Master truly add an extra element of excitement and strategy to gameplay.

Earning XP and Treats for Pets

In Coin Master, players can earn experience points (XP) and treats for their pets through a variety of in-game actions. These rewards are obtained as bonuses during activities like spinning the wheel, constructing buildings, or fixing village items damaged in attacks.

The accumulation of XP and treats is essential for leveling up and taking care of pets within the game. By earning these rewards, players can ensure that their pets remain strong and well-maintained throughout their Coin Master journey.

Feeding Your Pets: The Importance and Process

In the game Coin Master, feeding your pets is an important task that should not be overlooked. Just like real-life animals, pets in the game need to be regularly fed in order to stay active and perform their tasks.

By simply touching the pet icon beside the spin button and selecting the specific animal you want to feed, players can use animal treats to keep their pets awake and operational. This process ensures that your pets are always ready for action as you continue on your Coin Master adventure.


Coin Master Pets have added a whole new dimension to the game, bringing excitement and rewards to players. From loyal companions that help in raids to adorable creatures that boost coin earnings, these pets have become an essential part of the gameplay.

With their unique abilities and cute designs, players are motivated to collect and upgrade their pets to enhance their gaming experience. Whether you’re a casual player or a dedicated Coin Master, pets offer a fun and rewarding way to progress in the game. So why wait? Start collecting your own Coin Master Pets today and see how they can take your gameplay to the next level!

FAQs About Coin Master Pets

Where can I find my pets in Coin Master?

Pet locations are on the left side of the SPIN button from the fourth village onwards. Tapping on a pet leads to the animal area for management.

How do you hatch eggs in Coin Master?

Navigate to the pet’s menu, use the arrows to select the desired egg, and tap it to hatch.

How can I increase my pet’s level in Coin Master?

Collect XP potions to increase your pet’s level, visible in the pet’s menu. More experience points lead to higher levels for each pet.

How to get treats and XP for pets in Coin Master?

Earn treats and experience points as rewards from spins, building structures, or repairing village items damaged in attacks.

How can I protect my village without a shield in Coin Master?

The Rhino, unlocked through the creature card collection, acts as a protective shield for a village in the absence of shields.

How do I get Coin Master Pets?

To get Coin Master Pets like Foxy, Rhino, and Tiger, you need to collect the cards corresponding to these pets. Spin the slot machine, open chests, and participate in events to complete card sets and unlock these valuable companions.

Can I level up my pets?

Yes, you can level up your pets. To do this, you need to feed them treats regularly. As your pets level up, they become more effective in their respective roles.

What’s the best strategy for using Coin Master Pets?

The best strategy for using Coin Master Pets depends on your gameplay style. Foxy is great for collecting coins, Rhino helps protect your village, and Tiger is perfect for raiding other villages. Tailor your strategy to your objectives.

How can I protect my village from attacks?

To protect your village from attacks, you need to upgrade your village and have Rhino as your active pet. Rhino boosts your village’s defensive capabilities, making it harder for other players to attack and loot your treasures.

Is there a limit to the number of pets I can have?

No, there’s no limit to the number of pets you can have. You can collect and level up multiple pets, but you can only have one active pet at a time. Choose the pet that best suits your current goals.

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