Coin Master Viking Quest| How to Win It?

Coin Master Viking Quest is an exciting feature in the popular mobile game Coin Master. Players are always eager to learn how to win it and maximize their rewards. To conquer the Viking Quest, players need to focus on building a strong village with upgraded defenses and stockpiling as many spins and coins as possible.

These resources will enable them to attack other players’ villages and raid their treasures, which are essential for progressing through the Viking Quest. Additionally, players should strategically use their spins during the quest to increase their chances of landing on lucrative rewards. With careful planning and a bit of luck, players can conquer the Coin Master Viking Quest and become true champions in the game.

What is Coin Master?

One of the most popular features in Coin Master is Viking Quest. In this exciting mode, players embark on a journey alongside a virtual Viking character to explore new lands and conquer villages. While competing with other players’ communities for resources, the goal is to gather as many treasures and prizes as you can.

Players get access to additional, harder tasks as they advance through various levels, which increases the game’s replay value and user engagement.  Whether it’s raiding other villages for loot or strategizing to protect their own village, Viking Quest adds an extra layer of excitement to the Coin Master experience.

Overview of Viking Quest

A fascinating voyage through the Viking world is provided via the immersive and thrilling Viking Quest experience. Take on the role of a Viking warrior in this interactive adventure, traveling to new places, fighting valiantly, and finding secret treasures.

Viking Quest delivers a distinctive fusion of knowledge and enjoyment with its breathtaking graphics, lifelike sound effects, and engrossing tale. This exceptional event will enthrall you whether you’re interested in history or just want to have an amazing journey. Assemble your possessions, embrace your inner Viking, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime!

Three Viking Quest ideas

In the Viking Quest event, there are three variants to choose from. This new feature allows players to select the level they want to play. Similar to the Tribal Quest, this option is now available in Viking Quest as well. The three levels are Small, Medium, and Huge, and each level offers different rewards. In the Small level, players can win spins, experience points, and a magical chest.

This level requires the least number of coins to participate. Moving on to the medium level, players have the chance to win two gold cards – one halfway through the event and another guaranteed new card in the final mission. As for the Huge level, players can win three gold cards, but these cards are only found in the final three chests.

In order to open these chests and retrieve their contents, players need to play through the entire event and earn a substantial quantity of cash. Playing at this level does have the benefit of spins being awarded in practically every phase of the game.

How to Play Coin Master Viking Quest

To play Viking Quest, you will encounter various types of missions. One type involves collecting a specific number of coins from the wheel. As you progress, the required number of coins increases.

Another type of mission focuses on collecting coins solely from the bonus wheel, making these events slightly more challenging. To make your journey easier, it is essential to follow the strategies we will discuss later in this post to minimize the number of coins needed to successfully complete these missions.

What are the Rewards?

Participating in Viking Quest offers a wide range of rewards that players can earn. These rewards include spins, coins, pet potions, experience points (XP), chests, and the highly sought-after gold cards. The journey begins with an initial coin allotment and as players complete missions, their rewards escalate. This progression adds excitement and motivation for players to continue their Viking Quest adventure.

Maximizing Rewards

Focus on optimizing your spins and resources to make the most of every opportunity. Utilize shields wisely, and plan your raids strategically for the best outcomes.

Coin Master Viking Quest
Coin Master Viking Quest

Preparation Before Starting Coin Master Viking Quest

Before embarking on the Viking Quest in Coin Master, it is essential to make adequate preparations. Building up a sizable currency reserve is crucial, and how much you can do will rely on your village’s level and the mission level you choose. In this manner, you may make sure you have adequate resources to advance the game without any problems.

Furthermore, having an ample number of spins is essential since they greatly improve your gameplay experience during the Viking Quest. By being well-prepared, you can maximize your chances of success and enjoy this exciting adventure to its fullest.

First Method to Conquer Viking Quest

The first and most popular method to conquer Viking Quest is by playing only until level 6. At this level, players are rewarded with the first gold card. To reach this level, one would typically need around 1.5-2 billion coins, depending on the village they are in.

However, players can achieve this using only a third of their total stack of coins. This method is relatively easy as there are numerous winning combinations that provide coin rewards, reducing the reliance on bonus wheel winnings. The downside is that players will only receive one gold card by following this approach.

Second Method

If you are determined to acquire the second gold card in Viking Quest, you must be prepared for a challenging journey. The required winnings for this card skyrocket, particularly if you have surpassed Village 100. You will need to accumulate winnings ranging from 4 billion to an astonishing 80 billion on the bonus wheel.

Therefore, the first and simplest approach to obtaining the second gold card involves amassing a massive number of coins and hoping for favorable outcomes. Set your bet at maximum and let the game run while you attend to other tasks like doing laundry. Periodically check your winnings and advance to the next level as necessary.

After a considerable amount of time, you will eventually fulfill the final mission and obtain both gold cards. It is important to note that this method may deplete billions of coins from your stash but is likely to complete one or two sets. Utilize the big raids tactic wisely in order to accumulate enough coins for this endeavor.

Third Method of Beating Viking Quest

One effective method to beat Viking Quest is by obtaining the second gold card. If you don’t have a large number of coins stacked, you can try playing all levels that require winning coins at the maximum bet. The winnings you receive will likely be equivalent to the number of coins betted. However, for the bonus wheel levels, a different strategy is employed known as the Coin Master Viking Quest bonus wheel trick.

Since the bonus wheel doesn’t appear frequently, you should start playing at the lowest bet and gradually increase it after around 12 to 20 bets (you can determine what works best for you). By doing this, you minimize coin losses between bonus wheel spins. Although this trick requires some attention and counting spins, it allows you to obtain the bonus wheel without having to spend an excessive number of coins.

Fourth Method

One effective method to secure winnings in the Viking Quest game is by utilizing the fourth method, which involves taking a screenshot of your coin master game. Additionally, players can increase their chances of success by focusing on combinations of three hearts. It has been observed that the likelihood of triggering the bonus wheel is higher immediately after hitting three hearts consecutively.

Therefore, it is recommended to play with the minimum bet until three hearts are achieved, and then switch to the maximum bet until reaching the bonus wheel. Afterward, restart the process with the lowest bet again.

Customizing Your Viking Quest Experience

In the world of Viking Quest, players have the freedom to customize their quests according to their unique gameplay preferences. This customization feature allows players to have a more personalized and immersive gaming experience.

By tailoring their quests, players can modify the level of challenges they face and the rewards they receive upon completion. Whether they prefer intense battles with formidable foes or a more relaxed exploration of the Viking realm, players have the power to shape their own adventures in this thrilling game.

Special Features and Bonuses

Coin Master Viking Quest is a thrilling event that keeps players engaged with its special features and bonuses. One of these features is the Loyalty Wheel, which rewards players for their loyalty and continuous participation in the Viking Quest. By spinning the wheel, they can earn extra rewards and enhance their gaming experience.

Another exciting feature is the Daily Bonus Wheel, where players can spin to receive daily bonuses and increase their chances of winning big. These special features add an element of excitement and incentive for players to keep coming back for more adventure in the Coin Master Viking Quest.

Coin Master Viking Quest
Coin Master Viking Quest

Advanced Tips for Coin Master Viking Quest

To maximize your gains during the Viking Quest in Coin Master, it is essential to employ advanced strategies and techniques. Firstly, make sure to stock up on spins before participating in the quest. This will increase your chances of landing on valuable items and completing sets.

Additionally, try to focus on attacking other players’ villages rather than raiding them, as this will give you a higher chance of receiving rare cards and treasures. Furthermore, always keep an eye out for special events and promotions that can boost your rewards during the Viking Quest.

Lastly, collaborate with fellow players by joining a strong and active clan to share tips and tricks, as well as receive extra support during the quest. By implementing these advanced tips, you can significantly enhance your experience and success in the Coin Master Viking Quest.

Efficient Gameplay Techniques

In Coin Master Viking Quest, efficient gameplay techniques are essential for success. To maximize your chances of winning, it is important to develop a methodical approach. Prioritize specific actions such as attacking other players’ villages or collecting coins to build and upgrade your own village.

Upgrading necessary items will give you an advantage in battles and raids. Additionally, timing your spins strategically can lead to more advantageous results, whether it’s earning extra spins or landing valuable rewards. By implementing these techniques, you can increase your efficiency and become a master of the game.

Coin Master Viking Quest Events and Updates

Coin Master Viking Quest offers a thrilling and dynamic experience with its series of special events and updates introduced by Moon Active. These events are designed to keep players engaged and ensure that the Viking Quest remains fresh and exciting.

Players may anticipate brand-new tasks, incentives, and gaming features that enhance and diversify their Coin Master journey with every new event. Moon Active keeps improving the Viking Quest experience, whether it’s with a one-time event or a significant upgrade, making sure that players always have something new to explore and enjoy in this fascinating environment.

Scheduled Events

To make the most out of your Coin Master Viking Quest experience, it is highly recommended to regularly check for scheduled events. These events not only provide exclusive rewards but also present limited-time challenges that can enhance your gameplay.

By staying updated with these events, you can ensure that you never miss out on the opportunity to earn extra rewards and participate in thrilling quests. So keep an eye out for any scheduled events within the Viking Quest and embark on exciting adventures to maximize your Coin Master journey.

Latest Updates and Changes

Stay up to date with the latest updates and changes in Coin Master Viking Quest. These updates often introduce new features, islands, and mechanics to enhance your gaming experience. By staying informed, you can make the most out of your Viking Quest journey and take advantage of any newly added content that may be available.

F&Q About Coin Master Viking Quest

Q1: Is Viking Quest available to all Coin Master players?

Yes, Viking Quest is accessible to all players and can be found within the game’s interface.

Q2: What happens if I lose a raid in Viking Quest?

Losing a raid doesn’t result in penalties. You can continue your journey without setbacks.

Q3: Are there specific strategies to win in Viking Quest?

Employing shield usage effectively and planning raids strategically can significantly enhance your chances of success.

Q4: Are the rewards in Viking Quest permanent in the main game?

Yes, the rewards earned in Viking Quest contribute to your overall progress in Coin Master.

Q5: How frequently does Moon Active update the Viking Quest?

Updates and events occur regularly, keeping the Viking Quest experience dynamic and engaging.

Q6: Are these Viking Quest tips foolproof for winning every time?

The tips outlined are strategic approaches but aren’t guaranteed due to Coin Master’s algorithmic changes.

Q7: What’s the best way to accumulate coins for the Viking Quest?

Stacking coins gradually before the event’s commencement is the recommended approach.

Q8: Does the raid-free status during Viking Quest last for a specific duration?

Yes, the raid-free period lasts for three minutes after winning coins.

Q9: Can these strategies be applied in later levels of the game?

While tailored for the early stages, some strategies might be adaptable with modifications.

Q10: How often are the rewards updated for the Viking Quest event?

The event rewards and mechanics can vary but generally maintain a consistent cycle.

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